Private Label Services

We put your branding and logo’s on other peoples products so they can become yours.


What is Private Labeling?

– designating a product manufactured or packaged for sale under the name of the retailer rather than that of the manufacturer.

Basically what that means is that your brand, image, logo and everything can go on products made from various factories and manufacturers all over the world.

Who uses Private Labeling?

Tons of brands use it, you can almost never walk into a store without seeing a product that was Private Labeled.  Even big brands like Wal-mart, Target and HBC use private labeling.

When is Private Labeling good to use?

It’s great anytime you need a product but don’t want to design it yourself.  There are millions and millions of products available on the market, and you can put your branding on just about any of them and call that product your own.

Typically if your competitor has a product that is selling well, you can also sell it to under your own brand name.  Not only that, if a product is already sold in your country, than you can bypass any testing required as it would mostly have already been done by someone else and you can bypass lots of work by just putting your branding on that product.

Here is some styles of Private Label.



We do Private Label deals to our customers specifications.  Private labeling can take anywhere between 1-16 weeks of work to completion depending on the project.

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