Web Host & Email Services

You need somewhere to host your website, email and all your data securely.


About Emails

When it comes to your brand and image of yourself and your company you shouldn’t just use any email.  Having something like yourbrand@hotmail.com or yourbrand@yourinternetprovider.com does not look professional.  Customers shy aware from companies who use public domain email hosts due to no trust, especially with new and upcoming brands trying to make a name for themselves.

Getting your own domain and using a professional email address will go a long way to building consistency in your brand and obtaining customer loyalty and trust.  info@yourbrand.com, clientcare@yourbrand.com, yourname@yourbrand.com look much more professional than if you were to use a public free email address.

Many people don’t realize that when you own a domain, you also have access to unlimited amounts of email address with that domain.  You can create emails not only for yourself, but for your departments and all your staff.  Emails are stored right on your domain’s server.


  • Use Dates
  • Use Peoples Names
  • Use Pets Names
  • Use Objects Name
  • Use Favorite Places
  • Use Anything With Meaning.


  • Use 16-32 characters
  • Use Special Symbols  !@#$%^&
  • Use Upper & Lower Case
  • SAMPLE:  TeCL!!Ql%F%Rj!%@q!lh2%tbIII62uVr
  • SAMPLE:  #n#z@3D#ikP$zhho$RCSx!6%tc39tN8n
  • SAMPLE:  GHb!b#sAms!y7b$4WMM4Fd4v!vEiltYR

We understand the importance of protecting your data.  This not only includes your email addresses, but login’s to all of your accounts, especially if you have any payment accounts such as Paypal, Western Union or any bank accounts.

Once you start a business where you are collecting data from customers, you need the best passwords to protect the accounts of yours that store any of your customers information.

About Web Hosts

There are many web hosts out there.  Companies like BlueHost, Hostmonster, Hostgator have everything from Shared Domain Servers, VPS (virtual private servers) and Dedicated Servers.

Picking the right one for your company can be challenging and expensive.  If you are planning on just having a basic website with email, then something like a shared domain server will be fine for your needs.  If you are intending to get a website for eCommerce that means you need SSL security and its own dedicated IP address so you’ll want to ensure you are using a VPS or dedicated server.


We setup web hosts accounts and email accounts to our customers specifications.  Accounts take anywhere between 1-4 hours to setup to completion depending on the amount of accounts to setup.

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